Thank you for your interest in adopting from our shelter, we look forward to helping you find your fur-ever friend. We have listed below our three-step process to finding your purr-fect companion.

Step 1

We encourage all applicants to come out and interact with any prospective animal, they wish to adopt. This way we can ensure the animal is the perfect fit for each individual person. Once this happens we move on to the adoption application.

The adoption application takes two to three days approximately to process. We will run a background check everyone in the house over 18. All the animals currently residing in the house need to have a vet check within the last year. We also must verify with landlord, that you are allowed a pet. Once approved, we move on to the next step which is the home check.

Step 2 

If you have a dog in the house and are looking to adopt another dog, a crucial part of the adoption process is the Meet and Greet. Once your application is approved, we ask you to return the shelter with your current dog and have you do a Meet and Greet with your perspective furry friend through the fence. If everything goes well with the Meet & Greet, we will move on to your home check. If the Meet & Greet does not go well, we can keep your application on file and continue to work with you on finding your perfect match.

At this point in the process, one of our dedicated staff members will call you to schedule a home check. The home check itself is a brief twenty-minute check and is tailored to each individual animal. The home check is a crucial part of our application process and allows us to make sure our animal is going to the best environment for them. Once your home check is completed and everything is approved, we will move on to the final stage of the adoption process.

Step 3

Once your approved, you can choose from two of the following options, unless otherwise instructed by the staff member completing the home check. You can do a home visit which entails you being able to take the animal home for 24 to 72 hours and see how they fit before you finalize their adoption. All you need is a copy of your license to complete the home visit process. We strongly recommend home visits for anyone that has other animals or children in the house. If everything works out with the home visit, you can come in the following business day to finalize the adoption. The other option is to go straight to adoption. The adoption paperwork takes about 15 – 20 minutes and at the end we will ask for the adoption fee. If something happens after paying the adoption fee and you would need to bring back your fur-ever friend, the adoption fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Our Adoption Fees are as follows:

Dogs: 6 months & under are $200

7 months - 7 years are $150

8 years & over are $75

***any dog under 20 lbs. are $175

Cats: 6 months & under are $60

7 months & over are $30


Cats that are 7 years & over are FREE to senior residents who are 65 years & over!

Rabbits: $20

Small Animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.): $15

If you have any further questions about the adoption process, click here.