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The Huron County Humane Society (HCHS) has begun its new fiscal year with steady goals and a broadened vision. With an engaged staff and committed volunteers, the HCHS has accomplished many goals since the first of the 2017 year. The ability to provide necessary tools, organization and skills (eg. continuing education, cleaning/medical supplies, open communication, etc.) is welcomed by all. There is a superb team of people here. 

As you consider renewing your membership for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, know that your membership dollars assists the HCHS in providing immediate and intensive veterinary medical care emphasizing spay and neuter; conducting outreach and education programs specifically teaching about the humane care of animals and reinforcing concepts of kindness and respect for all living creatures; and enforcing animal welfare laws and conducting cruelty investigation and rescue by deputized humane investigators. Each year the Huron County Humane Society takes in hundreds of companion animals and successfully places many of them in loving homes, all the while, relying solely on private contributions. 

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